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Cell Phones and Cell Phone Discounts

UMHB supports a limited number of UMHB-purchased cell phones through a contract with AT&T. This contract is managed by UMHB’s Auxiliary Services Department. If you have questions, please contact them at 254-295-4658. Students, faculty, and staff


CELT is UMHB’s Center for Effectiveness in Learning and Teaching. InfoTech collaborates with CELT to support faculty technology usage on campus. CELT is located in the Townsend Library. Faculty are able to connect with CELT through myCampus at 

Codebook Client Satisfaction Survey

SPSS Basic I Workshop: Client Satisfaction Survey Codebook Data File: SPSS Workshop 2012 Data.xlsxData File: SPSS Workshop 2012 Data.sav Variable Name Variable Label/Description Comments id Label: Client ID#   quality Label: Quality

Content Editors

Academic Area Content Editor Secondary Editor Academics Michelle Vaca    CELT / Adjunct Orientation Dr. Lynn Eaton Jaylen Launza College of Business Dr. Ken Smith Becky Beaty           Business

Copy Center Document Binding

Types of Binding Plastic Comb Binding This type of binding is the most common style used. To bind a document, rectangular holes are punched along the edge. Plastic comb binding books have the ability to open flat for easy copying and can be opened

CPS - Re-Grade Questions

Select the assessment you would like to re-grade. Click Edit in the Reports group . The CPS Assessment Options window appears. Click the Re-Grade Questions button . The CPS Re-Grade Assessments window appears. Re-Grade Assessments Window The

Creating JPEG Slides Using Powerpoint

A JPEG is a file format that has images compressed together. Basically it is seen as a picture. This does not allow text to be seen as "text" that you can click and highlight, but the entire file as one picture. These are also light file types that

Data Backup FAQs

In 2016 a campuswide centralized backup system was implemented to protect the vital information that faculty and staff store on their workstations. When functioning normally, the backup system runs silently in the background of users’ computers.

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Does UMHB Lease Out Computer Equipment?

UMHB does not currently lease out computers or computer equipment to students. If you simply need a computer to work on, UMHB has several locations with public computers readily available. If you are Faculty/Staff and you need equipment, please

Download Current List of Adjunct Faculty

To download the most current and up-to-date list of adjunct faculty, follow these steps. Log in to the HR Employee Portal at Click on "Forms" Click on "Faculty" Click on "Current Adjunct Listing" Here's a brief screencast to

Editing your Faculty or Staff Profile

You can now edit your public profile on our Web site through the HR Employee Portal.  This will allow you to change your profile in every area that it is displayed (your college, department, graduate department, and even special pages like

eInstruction Classroom Performance System – #25 Print Lessons from CPS and Word

.node292 {font-size: 14px} CPS Quick Step GuidePrint Lesson from CPSCPS lessons need to be printed for use with the There It Is! team activity. Lessons can be printed directly from CPS or they can be exported to a word processing application.