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Engage a Challenge Board

During a Challenge Board delivery session, select point values under a category, have a team call them out, or use the random student picker to choose a team to pick a category. Then click on that point value to display a question. As soon as you

FAQs for Wireless Connections

The following is designed to provide useful tips and information in solving common problems with wireless connections.  I registered my device on the webpage but now it’s asking me to register again. Have you registered your device on both the


Fax machines are coordinated through Auxilary Services. If you have questions about or issues with faxing, please contact Auxilary Services at 254-295-4526.

Hibernation, Sleep and Power Save Modes

There are multiple modes when it comes to the way your computer runs. This is a quick guide to help you understand the uses and advantages to each one.   Power Save Mode This is a feature of your computer or electronic device designed to

How can I change my personal information in myCampus?

There are just a few steps to change your personal information on myCampus: Log into myCampus  Click the Personal Info link located below your name  Select the Biographical Info tab located at top of the section Select the pencil

How can I gain access to certain applications?

Your supervisor can request access to specific programs. Please have them contact InfoTech at 254-295-4658 to make the appropriate request.

How can I get a longer network cable?

Please contact InfoTech for assistance at 254-295-4658.

How can I get an additional computer?

If you want an additional computer for your office, contact us and we can give you a quote. You can e-mail us at or contact us by phone at (254) 295-4658. 

How can I get computer speakers?

Computer speakers are available for purchase to faculty and staff for University-owned equipment. Speakers are not sold to students. For purchase, please stop by IT or call for more information at 254-295-4658.

How can I look up my budget information?

If you have been granted access to view budget information you should have a Employee Info tab. Click the ‘Lookup Account Info’ link. If you know the full account number enter it in the Begin Acct # box and for a range of account

How can I post my office hours in myCampus and how will students see them?

Login to myCampus.  Click the Personal Info link located below your name.  Click on the Office Hours tab. Enter the office hour times for each day.  Add any notes in the notes box, then click the Save and Exit

How do I change the ink cartridge?

The process of changing out an ink cartridge may vary from printer to printer. Please refer to any instruction manual that came with your printer for instructions on how to change the ink on your particular model. You can also go to your printer's

How do I check for updates?

Your computer should automatically check for Windows Updates based on the internal schedule your computer runs on. To manually check for Windows Updates, Click Start>All Programs>Windows Update.   Click “Check for updates” on the left

How do I connect to the Internet?

If your device has both a WIRED and a WIRELESS connection, you will need to register BOTH connections separately.  You will be asked to register your device the first time you connect to a wired connection AND the first time you connect to a