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How to Forward your Sadermail to a Different Email Account

You can forward your Sadermail account to any email of your choice.  When you set up the forwarding, you have the option of Keeping a copy of your Sadermail emails in your sadermail inbox Marking them as read Archiving the Sadermail emails

I am printing to the wrong printer

If you think you are printing to the wrong printer, make sure that during the printing process you select the appropriate printer from the drop down menu. You may have your default printer set incorrectly. For more information on how to change your

I cannot connect to the wireless.

First check out these topics on your Operating System's help site. The Network will be named "CRUNET". Windows View and connect to available wireless networks Why can't I connect to a network? Mac Connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

I cannot print in the lab.

All computer labs, whether residential or in an education building, have a contact person for any issues regarding the lab's computers or printers. To view the contact information, please go here. Still need assistance? InfoTech can help!

I cannot print to the network printer.

If you cannot print to the network printer, make sure your computer is connected to the network printer. Wondering how to do that? Go here for help.   After you have checked and know you are connected to the correct printer, you need to

I clicked “forgot password” but I have not received an email.

Check your junk mail or spam folder to make sure it didn't get incorrectly delivered as spam. If the email isn't in your spam or junk folder, call InfoTech at 254-295-4658 or email for assistance.  

I have a name change, how do I change all my information.

Click the Personal Info link located by the Welcome message then go to the Biographical Info tab. To edit any of the information click the pencil icon. Make any necessary changes and click Submit. 

Integrating Microsoft Outlook and Exchange with Sadermail

Seamless Integration with Outlook Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook allows you to use Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, and 2010 effectively with Google Apps. Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook provides seamless integration with your Google

Internet Browsers

UMHB computers come pre-installed with three web browsers. Though Internet Explorer is the default browser, Chrome and Firefox are also available. If you cannot find your preferred browser, use the start menu's search bar to find it and launch it.

Internet Explorer tries to download a file instead of displaying a page

If Internet Explorer prompts you to download a page instead of displaying it, this is typically a very simple solution. Click on Tools > Internet Options or Internet Options in the gear menu. Click the "Advanced" tab Click "

Microsoft Office Help

General Office Support All UMHB computers under the current image use Office 2016. Your best resource for quick questions in Office is your application's help section. You can find the help section by pressing F1 at any time while inside the

My cell phone is not working in my room.

If your cell phone is not working in your room, the problem is generally a service provider issue. Stop by the office with your phone during regularly scheduled office hours or contact us at 254-295-4658 so we may assist you.

MyCampus FAQ

How do I log in? Current students will sign in using their CruNet username (typically this is your ID number... some students will log in using the first and second initial followed by last name) or full SaderMail email. Future students and alumni

MyCampus Instructions for Adding/Dropping Courses

Log into MyCampus. – User Name = Student Id Password may be reset by using “I forgot my password” link.    Click on the “My Academics” tab.    In the “Register or Search for Courses” box,

Online Registration

Students register for classes using myCampus, UMHB’s online resource for registering, checking grades, and accessing course information. If you have questions about registering, please see the Registrar’s web page at