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UMHB Office Phones

About the Phones

UMHB uses Cisco IP Phones across campus, except for the residence halls.

About Voicemail

UMHB uses Cisco’s Unity Voice Messaging System.

Voicemail Passwords

Initially, your voicemail password will be your 7-digit UMHB office phone number (e.g., 295XXXX). You will use this password the first time you log on to the Unity Voicemail System and follow the prompts to set up your internal and external voice messages.

Logging In, Accessing and Managing your Unity Voicemail

There are many ways to access and manage your voicemail messages. You can access and manage your voicemail:

  • From your desk phone or another IP phone on campus: Depending on which Cisco phone you have, either press the Message soft key (on Cisco 7911/7912 models) or the button with an Envelope Icon (on Cisco 7940/7960 models) to access the Unity voicemail system. Follow the prompts to retrieve your messages.
  • From an off-campus phone or cell phone: Dial your office phone number and Press * when the Cisco Unity voice answers and follow the prompts to retrieve your messages.
  • From your Outlook email client (on campus) or via Outlook Web Access (off campus):Generally, opening a voicemail message in your email is as simple as double-clicking on the message in your email inbox. For more advanced options, see the User Guide for Accessing Cisco Unity Voice Messages in an E-Mail Client.

For more detailed information, see the User Guide for Cisco Unity.