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How do I do a screenshot?

There are a few simple yet different ways to take a screenshot.

For Windows:

Snipping Tool

Windows Vista and later computers come pre-equipped with a handy little program called "Snipping Tool." To get started, simply locate this by searching through your programs.

Snipping Tool

When you open the program, you may notice that your screen goes opaque and a tiny box will appear as show below:

Snipping Tool

This box is your Snipping Tool. The "New" button may already be highlighted, and if it is then you are ready to go ahead and drag your pointer across whatever part of your screen you would like to capture. If you are not ready to capture your screen, then choose "cancel" and when you are ready to begin again, just select "New." When you choose "New," the Snipping Tool software will freeze your screen how it looks at that instant. So time it right!

sshot UMHB

In the picture above, we took a sample screenshot of UMHB. When we selected the "New" button, the screen faded out as the program froze it to prepare it to be captured. We then took our mouse pointer and drug it across the screen(holding down the left button) to select the area we wanted to capture. After releasing the mouse button, the Snipping Tool then sends to another window with your screenshot already completed as follows:

Sshot Tool

From here you have a few options at the top of your screen. You can choose "New" to get rid of this one and start over, "Save" the current screenshot to a folder or otherwise desired location, "Copy" to just copy the image to your computer's clipboard(best for pasting into a word document), "Send Snip" to e-mail the picture, and then also "Pen," "Highlight," and "Erase." Your pen too will be selected by default and clicking on the image will then write on it. You can see a sample of this tool with the beautiful notations in the image below.

Screenshot Notated


Keyboard Commands for Windows:

"PrintScreen"(PrtScn) is a button on any standard keyboard, usually in the top right hand corner. Pushing this button will capture whatever is on your screen in that instant, placing the screenshot onto your computer's clipboard(where things go when you hit "copy" or "ctrl+c"). To access this image, simply go to a program you can paste an image into, such as Paint or Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Word Pasting

In this demo, we used Microsoft Word. We pasted the screenshot(ctrl+v), and then right clicked on it to "Save As Picture."

save as

If you have multiple windows open, and want to use the "Print Screen" keystroke to screen shot just ONE of those windows, there is a way! Make sure your preferred window is on top, hover your mouse over it, and select "Alt+Print Screen." The window selected is now in your clipboard.



For a Mac:

Taking a screenshot on a Mac is very similiar to a Windows Computer. Make sure your screen is ready to be captured and press down Command+Shift+3 to capture the entire screen. If you want to take a partial screenshot, hold down Command+Shift+4 and then use your mouse to draw a rectangle over the desired area. Your file will then be saved to the desktop. Also, it will be in the clipboard which you can then paste into a program using the paste shortcut, Command+V.

If you are looking for an application similiar to the Snipping Tool on a Windows computer, you can use Spotlight to search for the Grab application and take it from there.


This tutorial should have all of your questions answered but if you are still in need of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Information Technology!

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