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Sadermail and Google Apps at UMHB FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What's is Sadermail?

Sadermail is UHMB's email service. Sadermail is powered by Google. Gmail provides more than 30 Gigabytes of storage and contains features such as integrated chat and phishing protection. For more information, see Google's Gmail information page.

What if I already have a Gmail account?

Your Sadermail account is a separate account that allows you to send and receive email using your email address. Your Sadermail account provides all of the benefits of Gmail in an ad-free environment.

What is Google Apps at UMHB?

In addition to your new and improved Sadermail email account, students also have access to a wide variety of additional Google applications. These applications include Google Docs, Google Talk IM, Google Calendar, and a host of other applications and gadgets.

Why doesn't my Google Apps at UMHB account have the same applications as my personal Gmail account?

Your Google Apps at UMHB account is part of a software suite called Google Apps for Education, which Google offers to educational institutions and non-profit organizations. Google decides which services to include in the Google Apps for Education software suite. However, most of the features you are used to should be available.

What are the policies that apply to my Google Apps at UMHB account?

Your Google Apps at UMHB account is also subject to Google's terms of service and privacy policies.

Do I have to use my new Sadermail account?

Your Sadermail account is the official means of communication between you and the university. Plan on checking it often. If you want to forward your Sadermail to another email account, you are free to do so, but please remember that all electronic communications from UMHB will be sent to your Sadermail account.

How do I change my Sadermail password?

If you have forgotten your password, you may change it at If you know your current password, you may change it by visiting the appropriate link: Current Students or Future and Former Students.

How do I forward my Sadermail to a different email account?

You can forward your Sadermail account to any email of your choice.  Visit the "How to Forward your Sadermail to a Different Email Account" page for more information.

Can I use other email programs to access my Sadermail email?

Yes. You can access your Sadermail account using POP, IMAP, and mobile email programs. See the links below for more information. When configuring your email program, write your username in the following format: and use your Google password. NOTE: Your Google password is different than your Single Sign On password. Your Google password is generally an 8-digit number 1845 + the last four digits of your social security number. Once you have configured your email program, you will send and receive email using your address.

How do I share documents with students or others who have Google Apps at UMHB accounts?

You can share documents with anyone who has a Gmail account by listing the person's Gmail address in the Share This Document screen. If you enter an email address of someone without a Gmail account in the Share This Document screen, that person will receive an invitation to create a Gmail account.

Google How-To's

Below you will find links to Google's website for help with the applications that are part of the Google Apps at UMHB software suite. Topics include information on how to get started with Google Apps, using the various email, productivity, and collaboration tools, as well as information on troubleshooting.

InfoTech provides support for setting up and managing your Google Apps at UMHB account. InfoTech is not able to provide support for using the applications contained in the Google Apps at UMHB software suite. For help using Google's software, please see the Google Support site.

Getting Help

If you encounter any problems or have questions related to signing up for Sadermail, call InfoTech at 254-295-4658 or send an email to For questions relating to Google's web-based applications, please visit the Google Support website.

Privacy Information

Before creating their Sadermail accounts, students will have to review the privacy information associated with the Sadermail account below:

  • UMHB will send Google students' names, UMHB email addresses, and the Google passwords that students create for use with their Google Apps at UMHB accounts.
  • Student names and UMHB email addresses will be visible to other Google Apps at UMHB users in collaborative spaces, such as shared documents and shared calendars.
  • If a document is shared with individuals who have standard Gmail accounts, these individuals will see the names and email addresses of all the people sharing a document, including those of UMHB students.
  • The first time that students log into their Google Apps at UMHB accounts, they will also have to accept Google's privacy policy.

Information about Google's privacy policy and terms of service may be found on the Google site.