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How to Connect to CruNet as a Guest

The UMHB CruNet wireless network is only minimally secured and is designed for casual usage. Read below to learn how to connect as a Guest.   Select "CruNet" from your list of available wireless networks. 1.  Once connected, you may see...

FAQs for Wireless Connections

The following is designed to provide useful tips and information in solving common problems with wireless connections.  I registered my device on the webpage but now it’s asking me to register again. Have you registered your device on both the...

How do I connect to the Internet?

If your device has both a WIRED and a WIRELESS connection, you will need to register BOTH connections separately.  You will be asked to register your device the first time you connect to a wired connection AND the first time you connect to a...

Can I borrow a laptop?

InfoTech has laptops available for full-time Faculty/Staff to borrow.   Contact InfoTech at 254-295-4658 to reserve one.

How do I hook up a laptop?

VGA, Internet, and Audio Cables are provided on each instructor station for your laptop. Connect the cables and the press the key FN 8 on the laptop to project the monitor on the screen. Wait a few moments for the laptop image to appear on the...

I cannot connect to the wireless.

First check out these topics on your Operating System's help site. The Network will be named "CRUNET". Windows View and connect to available wireless networks Why can't I connect to a network? Mac Connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi Troubleshooting...

How do I connect laptop to a docking station?

Make sure you have the appropriate connections and that the laptop is compatible with the docking station. Place the laptop on the station and ensure that all connections are secure. Then turn the station on. Call Infotech at Ext. 4658 for further...

Error: "close programs due to low memory".

Call ext. 4658. Your memory may be going bad on your computer.

My laptop is not charging.

Ensure the connection to the computer and the laptop charger to the wall is secure. Call Infotech at Ext. 4658 for further assistance.

How can I get an additional computer?

If you want an additional computer for your office, contact us and we can give you a quote. You can e-mail us at or contact us by phone at (254) 295-4658.