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Common Issues: myCourses

Here are some of the common issues that users face with myCourses and possible solutions to those problems. Cannot log in to myCourses Problem: User sees an error message of "Canvas doesn't have an account for user: [EMAIL ADDRESS] Please...

Updating your profile photo in myCourses

This is a brief screencast to demonstrate how to update your profile photo in myCourses. Note: these steps also work to update your photo in Microsoft Outlook. However, changes made today won't be applied in Microsoft Outlook until Sunday. View...

Introduction to the Canvas LMS

  Introduction Overview of the Canvas LMS In Canvas organize course materials, videos, images, quizzes or collaboration exercises.  Search the Canvas Community for complete Faculty and Student guides.

How can I change my personal information in myCampus?

There are just a few steps to change your personal information on myCampus: Log into myCampus  Click the Personal Info link located below your name  Select the Biographical Info tab located at top of the section Select the pencil...

When are grades due?

Dates change from semester to semester, normally within 24 hours of the final exam. More information on that can be located on the Faculty tab of myCampus.

Do I have to enter mid-term grades?

In the Faculty Course Control portlet under the Faculty, each of your courses is listed. The term should default to the current term and the division to “All.” If not, you will want to update the term. In the “Go directly...

A course that I am NOT teaching is showing up

Contact the Registrar’s office at 254-295-4509.

A course that I am teaching is not showing up.

Contact the Registrar’s office at 254-295-4509.

How do I post a campus wide announcement?

Campus-Wide Announcements allows users to upload their announcements for inclusion on various distribution channels. These channels include: myCampus Slider Calendar Page (primarily for events with a broader audience) Campus Cable - Channel 4...

How can I look up my budget information?

If you have been granted access to view budget information you should have a Employee Info tab. Click the ‘Lookup Account Info’ link. If you know the full account number enter it in the Begin Acct # box and for a range of account...