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How do I setup sound for an event?

For any questions regarding Sound, Audio/Visual, or Multimedia setup or support, contact InfoTech at 254-295-4658.

How do I get the sound to work?

Make sure the amplifier is on, speaker A is pushed in, volume is on the correct level and the sound icon on the computer is not muted.

The audio on my computer does not work.

Please refer to the same troubleshooting steps featured in our article, "How can I get my headphones to work?" If none of those steps work, please notify InfoTech so we can install the appropriate driver. You can e-mail us at infotech@umhb...

How can I get my headphones to work?

The entire problem comes from when the headphones are unplugged and the computer doesn't have a way to output the sound. This causes the "headphone device" to "break" and when you plug headphones back in, it needs to troubleshoot and recognize the...