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Common Issues: myCourses

Here are some of the common issues that users face with myCourses and possible solutions to those problems.

Cannot log in to myCourses

Problem: User sees an error message of "Canvas doesn't have an account for user: [EMAIL ADDRESS] Please contact UMHB Information Technology at (254) 295-4658.

Solution: This error means that the user was able to successfully authenticate through Single Sign On, but that an account is not created for them in Canvas. If the email address is not a * address, the user should log in with their CruNet username and password, rather than their ID number and password.

If the email address is a * address, this likely means that they registered for courses today or that they are registered for courses more than a couple of months away. If they registered for courses today, they will have access to their course within 24 hours. If the course is still months away from starting, they should wait until the course is nearer to its beginning date (usually within a few weeks).

Invalid login credentials

Problem: User sees an error message of "Invalid login credentials."

Solution: This is a Single Sign On error. More details.

I don't see all of my courses

Problem: A student does not see all of his or her courses in the course dropdown.

Solution: This is most likely because the faculty member has not published the course yet. Each course in myCourses must be published by the instructor before students can see if. IT will publish all courses on the first day of the term.

I have dropped a class, but it is still showing

Problem: A student still has a class listed in myCourses that he or she has dropped

Solution: This happens from time to time. Check Student Info to make sure the student has indeed dropped the course. If so, the student can be manually removed by a Canvas admin (AVP IT, Academic Technology Support Specialist, Applications Manager, Web Services Manager).