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Area Content Editor Secondary Editor
Academics Michelle Vaca   
CELT / Adjunct Orientation Dr. Lynn Eaton Jaylen Launza
College of Business Dr. Ken Smith Becky Beaty
          Business Administration Dr. Ken Smith  
          Accounting, Economics, and Finance Dr. Ken Smith  
          BCIS Dr. Ken Smith  
          Management and Marketing Dr. Ken Smith  
          International Business Dr. Ken Smith  
College of Christian Studies Renate Hood
Colleen Lewis
College of Education Dr. Craig Hammonds Dr. Joan Berry
          Exercise andSportScience Laura Williams Cliffa Foster
College of Humanities and Sciences  Tami McDowell  
          Communications Avery Green  
          Speech Cru Dr. Kathy Owens  
          English Dr. Jacky Dumas Laura Bedwell
          History and Political Science Dr. David Chrisman Dr. David Chrisman
          Mathematics Dr. Heidi DiFrancesca   
          Modern Foreign Languages Gary Smith Dr. Jamie Mattison
          Honors Program Dr. David Holcomb Marty McMahone 
          London Studies Dr. David Holcomb Karen Oliver
          Biology Dr. Kathleen Wood  
          Chem., Env. Sci., and Geology Dr. Heidi DiFrancesca  Dr. Ruth Ann Murphy
          Computer Science Dr. Heidi DiFrancesca  
          Psychology Dr. Trent Terrell Karen Oliver
          Social Work Dr. Isaac Gusukuma Dr. Isaac Gusukuma
          Writer's Festival   Dr. Nathaniel Hansen
College of Nursing Dr. Sharon Souter Stacy Carpenter
Visual and Performing Arts   Melanie Brazeal
         Art Matthew Smith Hershall Seals
         Music Jonathan Gary Jonathan Gary
         Conservatory of Music Jonathan Gary Jonathan Gary
         Opera George Hogan Penny Hogan
Graduate School Melissa Williams Sharon Aguilera & Katherine Moore
          Counseling and Psychology Ellen Huffman  
          Education Dr. Craig Hammonds  Josh Holt
          MBA Luke Wells Melissa Williams
          MSIS Luke Wells Melissa Williams
          MSN Dr. Carrie Johnson Stacy Carpenter
          Graduate EXSS Dr. Colin Wilborn Carol Robinson
         SportAdministration Laura Williams  Cliffa Foster
          Ed.D. Dr. Christi Bledsoe Dr. Christi Bledsoe
          DPT Dr. Barbara Grasham Dr. Barbara Grasham
          Occupational Therapy Dr. Giulianne Krug  
          Doctor of Nursing Practice Dr. Carrie Johnson  Stacy Carpenter 
Scholar's Day Dr. Aaron Baggett   
ESOL Dr. Haedy Liu Jacky Dumas


Area Content Editor Secondary Editor
About James Stafford James Stafford 
Alumni Jeff Sutton Cortney Bruce and Cheryl Garza
Athletics Jon Wallin Jon Wallin
Business and Finance    
          Information Technology Brent Harris  
          IR Bethany Chapman Jen Jones
          Bursar Charla Kahlig Sherry Bower
          Human Resources Susan Owens Susan Bain
          Registrar Elizabeth Webb Amy McGilvray
Campus Planning and Support Services Edd Martin Shannon Hearne
          Safety Department Larry Pointer  
          Campus Police Cindy Lahey Gary Sargent
Giving Dr. Rebecca O'Banion Lauren Gentry
Event Services John Ellison John Ellison
News James Stafford James Stafford
Graphic Services and Yearbook Randy Yandell Randy Yandell
Parents Yvette Shackelford Mary Baucom
President's Council Phyllis Rogers  
Procurement Services Jennifer Webb  
Student Affairs Yvette Shackelford  
          Campus Activities Mary Baucom  
          Campus Organizations Tiffany Wurdemann Katy Hartt
          Campus Recreation Sue Weaver Student Worker
          Student Government Association Tiffany Wurdemann Tiffany Wurdemann 
          Cru Card Jessica Hlavinka Ashlyn Whitespeare
          Crusader Stadium Aaron Rodeffer Caleb Damron 
          Mayborn Campus Center Aaron Rodeffer Deshon Kinsey
          Residence Life Donna Plank Wendi Fitzwater
          Health Services Debbie Rosenberger Heather Hansen 
          Spiritual Life Yvette Shackelford Karl Baker
          Baptist Student Ministries Shawn Shannon Karl Baker
          Career Services Emily Kelly Don Owens
          Counseling and Testing Nate Williams Heather Hansen
          International Students Megan Gill Elizabeth Tanaka
          Military  Basilia Flores Amy McGilvray
          Admissions and Recruiting Nicole Fischer Ben Taylor
          Financial Aid David Orsag Zach Krueger
          Student Success Heather Green Katie Gregory
          Writing Cru Emily Bouza  
          Yearbook Lauren Mendias  
Staff Council Nick Jones James Stafford