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Copy Center Document Binding

Types of Binding

Plastic Comb Binding

This type of binding is the most common style used. To bind a document, rectangular holes are punched along the edge. Plastic comb binding books have the ability to open flat for easy copying and can be opened and closed for editing purposes. Binding combs are available from ¼” to 2”. It is a very economical choice.

Plastic Coil Binding

To bind a document, circular holes are punched along the edge. Spiral coil binding involves winding a single piece of pre-coiled plastic binding onto the edge of the document. Coil bound documents can open flat and can also wrap around for easy copying and reading. Documents bound with coil binding are ideal for documents that need to be mailed since the spines are flexible and retain their shape exceptionally well.

Thermal Binding

This type of binding is dramatically different from the other two. It does not punch holes in the documents to bind it. Instead, a strip of heat activated glue inside the spine of the book is used to bind the document. Each book comes with a clear cover and linen paper back and spine. It is a unique and professional way to bind.