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FAQs for Wireless Connections

The following is designed to provide useful tips and information in solving common problems with wireless connections. 

I registered my device on the webpage but now it’s asking me to register again.

  • Have you registered your device on both the wireless AND the wired? Most of the time you have done one and not the other yet, go ahead and re­gister again.
  • Some systems will save a copy of the page to your hard drive, clear your browser’s cache, close your browser and try again.

I registered my device and now I see a page that says my web access should be enabled in a few minutes, but it’s been several minutes now, what should I do?

  • Close your browser and reopen it, 90% of the time this fixes it. If this does not fix the problem reboot your computer.

I’ve completed all the steps and my device still will not connect to the wired or wireless. 

  • If you are experiencing no connectivity there may be some problems with the installation or configuration of your wireless card.  Make sure that the drivers were installed according to the directions provided for your laptop or wireless card vendor.  Often times, running Windows or Apple software updates will provide you with the most up to date software for your wireless card.
  • Your wireless card connects to other Wireless access points but will not connect to UMHB.  Please contact InfoTech at 254-295-4658 or for further assistance.

If you are having trouble registering a device, your device does not have a web browser, or you have several devices you'd like to register at one time, try this manual registration process.

  • Go to
  • Check the box to accept the terms
  • Enter your UMHB username and password to login
  • Enter the MAC address* of the device you'd like to register under your account
  • Click Register
  • Repeat this process for all of the devices you'd like to register

* A MAC address is a 12 character network identifier assigned to any network device. If you need help finding the MAC address of your device, try googling it - like "find PS4 MAC address" or "find Xbox MAC address" or "find Vizio smart tv MAC address"

If you are experiencing an intermittent or slow connection it may be the result of interference from other electronic devices. 

Some factors that affect the quality of your connection are:

  • Distance from your location to the access point
  • Number and type of walls and obstructions between you and the access point
  • Electronic devices in the area (such as cordless phones, microwaves)
  • Number of users connected to the access point at the same time. 

Wireless signals operate in the 2.4 GHz radio band so things like 2.4 GHz phones, microwaves or other devices emitting signals at that frequency may disrupt communication.  If you are having difficulty getting a signal, try moving closer to the access point or to a different location with fewer obstructions.  Shut off any high frequency electronic devices that you are not using.  We request that you do not attempt to install a new access point because rogue access points will not work on the UMHB network as they interfere with the rest of the network as well as compromise the security precautions set in place by InfoTech. 

Contact InfoTech at 254-295-4658 or at