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How to Connect to CruNet as a Guest

The UMHB CruNet wireless network is only minimally secured and is designed for casual usage. Read below to learn how to connect as a Guest.


Select "CruNet" from your list of available wireless networks.

1.  Once connected, you may see this icon once connected.  wifi error image  This is normal.

2. You may also see a pop up that states Additional log on information may be required.  Click here to open your browser.  Click on the pop up to open your internet browser.

Log in popup 


3. Click on the "Guest User Self-Registration" option.

choose guest user registration 

4. Complete al the required fields on the Guest Registration page.

5. Read the "Acceptable Use Policy"

6. Check "I accept the terms" and click the "Register to SMS" option to receive a text to your phone.

 Register to SMS


7. Enter the pin code from your phone on the next screen "Confirm Mobile  Phone Number".

confirm mobile number 

8. Click the "Confirm" button.



After a few seconds your network access will be automatically be enabled 

Once the tool closes, you should be connected to the UMHB CruNet.  No further action is required.



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