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How do I connect to the Internet?

If your device has both a WIRED and a WIRELESS connection, you will need to register BOTH connections separately.  You will be asked to register your device the first time you connect to a wired connection AND the first time you connect to a wireless connection.

How to Connect to UMHB's Wireless or Wired Network


The UMHB CruNet wireless network is only minimally secured and is designed for casual usage.

Connecting to the wired and wireless network:

For WIRED Connections - connect your device to the wired network and follow steps 2-7

  1. Select "CruNet" from your list of available wireless networks.
    You may see this icon once connected.  Network Error  This is normal.
  2. Once connected, open your internet browser.
  3. Register your device using your 
    1. Students:   CruNet ID and Password
    2. Faculty and Staff:   UMHB Username and Password
  4. Network Install ScreenshotRead the "Acceptable Use Policy."
  5. Check "I accept the terms" and then click "Login."
  6. The program will automatically configure your device to connect.
  7. Once the tool closes, you should be connected to the UMHB CruNet.  No further action is required.

    PLEASE NOTE:  When the gray progress bar disappears, you will be redirected to the website you requested when you opened your browser.  If not, restart your computer.

Manually registering devices

If you are having trouble registering a device, your device does not have a web browser, or you have several devices you'd like to register at one time, try this manual registration process:

  1. Go to
  2. Check the box to accept the terms
  3. Enter your UMHB username and password to login
  4. Enter the MAC address of the device you'd like to register under your account *
  5. Click Register
  6. Repeat this process for all of the devices you'd like to register
    * A MAC address is a 12 character network identifier assigned to any network device. If you need help finding the MAC address of your device, try googling it - like "find PS4 MAC address" or "find Xbox MAC address" or "find Vizio smart tv MAC address"

For devices that have both wired and wireless network connections, you'll need to register both the wired and the wireless MAC addresses.