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How do I register?

There are just a few steps to complete your class registration online.

  1. Begin by logging into myCampus.
  2.  Click the Course Search link

    Select course Search

  3. Select Add/Drop Courses 
  4. You can then add the course code if you know it already
    > Note: Separate the departmetn code and course code by a space (ex. ENGL 1301)

    add by course code

  5. You may also add courses using the Course Search function
  6. Click the Course Search tab and enter desired criteria 
    Course Search
  7.  Place a checkmark next to the course(s) you wish to add and click Add 
  8. It's that easy!
Still need assistance? InfoTech can help! You can e-mail us at or contact us by phone at (254) 295-4658.


If there is a hold on your account, you will not be able to register. Please contact the Bursar's Office at 254-295-4533 to remove the hold.