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I cannot find this printer to add it to the network

It sounds like you've already been in the process of adding the printer to the network, but let's start over just to make sure you followed the correct steps.


  1. Click Start 
  2. Devices and Printers
     Start, Devices and Printers

  3. Add a Printer
     Add a Printer

  4. Add a Network, Wireless, or Bluetooth Printer
    > To add a printer connected through a USB port, select "Add a Local Printer" 
     Add a Network Printer

  5. A list of available printers will appear in the scroll box. Identify which printer you wish to connect to and select "Next"
     Find printer in list


If the printer you wanted wasn't listed,

  1. After searching for the list of available network, wireless, or Bluetooth Printers, select "The printer that I wanted isn't listed"
    > This will take you to another page, asking you to manually enter in more information regarding the desired printer.
  2. Follow the instructions on the prompt screen to manually find and identify the printer you are searching for. 

find printer manually

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