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Internet Browsers


UMHB computers come pre-installed with three web browsers. Though Internet Explorer is the default browser, Chrome and Firefox are also available. If you cannot find your preferred browser, use the start menu's search bar to find it and launch it. Once the browser is launched, you can then pin it to your taskbar for regular use by right-clicking it's icon on the taskbar and then selecting pin this program to taskbar.

Available Browsers

IE Icon Internet Explorer

Support Site

IE Preview

IE Icon Mozilla Firefox

Support Site

Firefox Preview

IE Icon Google Chrome

Support Site

Chrome Preview

The support that you are looking for may be sensitive to the current version of your browser. You can quickly find your browser's version through it's about section. You can also find this as well as more information about you computer by simply following this link:

If you have questions about using or setting up your browser, Contact InfoTech at 254-295-4658.