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MyCampus Instructions for Adding/Dropping Courses

User Name = Student Id

Password may be reset by using “I forgot my password” link.


  •  Click on the “My Academics” tab.


  •  In the “Register or Search for Courses” box, click on the “Add/Drop Courses” link.


  •  Change Term to “Spring 2011” and Division to desired option (Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctoral, etc.)



Adding Courses:

  • You may add courses by using the "Course Search" tab.  Click on the “Search” button to pull up the Schedule of Classes, check the box in front of the desired course, then click the "Add Courses" button at the bottom of the screen.  You may choose as many courses as you wish in this step.







  • You may type in the course number on the “Add by Course Code” tab.  In the “Course Code” box, begin typing in the Department Code.  A dropdown menu will appear for you to select your course.  (Use the < > to move forward or backward in the dropdown list.)  Click on the correct Course Code for the desired class then click on the “Add Course(s)” button.  You may choose up to six courses before clicking the “Add Course(s)” button.  Repeat the process to add additional classes after each group of six.


  • If there are no conflicts, the course will appear in the "Your Schedule (Registered)" section.


Be sure to note any messages regarding courses successfully added.


  •  If there are conflicts, the course will appear in the "Course(s) Not Yet Registered" section with a message that states "We were unable to register you for one or more of the courses you attempted to add.  Each one is listed below, with the relevant error(s) and the steps needed to add the course (if available).," followed by the reason.
    • Click on the "OK" button to return to the “Add/Drop Courses” screen.
    • Use the “Course Search” tab to find other options.  Or 
    • See your advisor to complete the necessary paperwork for registration approval then take the paperwork to the Registrar's Office for enrollment in the course.


  •  When you exit, only courses confirmed will be saved.


Dropping Courses:

  • On the “Add/Drop Courses” screen, “Drop” box(es) appear in front of the course(s) in the "Your Schedule (Registered)" section.  Click on the box of the course you wish to drop then click on the “Drop Selected Courses” button.



Be sure to verify the success of the drop in the “Messages” section.


  • You may drop courses during the same session as adding courses or at a later time (as long as the registration period is still open.)

Things to consider as you register: 

  • You must have received registration clearance in the student information system from your advisor in order to add/drop classes through MyCampus.
  • After each add or drop, you should receive a message above the “Add/Drop Box” identifying the status of the course.
  • Some classes will require signatures or approvals; you cannot register for these courses online.  You must see your advisor to complete the necessary paperwork then bring the paperwork to the Registrar’s Office for enrollment in the courses. 

 Examples include:

    • Independent studies
    • Full classes
    • Classes requiring prior approval
    • Time conflicts
    • Overloads


For questions, please contact the Registrar’s Office at or (254) 295-4510.