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Classroom Technology Troubleshooting Tips

The Computer will automatically log on. 

No username or password is required.

None of the devices will turn on.

Turn on the surge protector located inside the cabinet.  Make sure the main power cable is plugged into the wall plate.

I am not able to hear audio.

  1. Make sure the amplifier is on. The green "On" button for the device indicates it is working.
  2. Make sure the "Volume/Balance" buttons are at an appropriate level and speaker "A" is selected on the amplifier.
  3. Make sure the volume is on by double-clicking on the "Audio" icon in the computer system tray and adjusting the levels. if it is muted you will not get any sound.                                                                       Mute
  4. Also check the Mixer levels on the audio icon. A specific device may be muted.
  5. Make sure the audio cables    aduio cables   from he instructor station are securely connected to the faceplate in the wall.
  6. If the amplifier will not come on shut down all devices and power back up.

Nothing is displaying on the projector screen.

  1. The computer must be on.
  2. Make sure the ceiling-mounted projector is turned on (the blue led lights will appear on the projector). The lamp comes on slowly - wait a few seconds.
  3. If the remote does not turn on the projector, move closer to the projector. The batteries may be weak.
  4. Make sure the VGA cables on the faceplate are securely plugged in.

No internet.

  1. Check the blue internet connection on the faceplate - make sure it is securely plugged in.
  2. Try an outside web page, for example Google, in the event the campus sites are temporarily down.

The projector image is upside down or partially cut off.

  1. if the image is upside down, click on the "Menu" button on the projector remote to get the onscreen display or OSD. It is the button menu on the Dell 1800 remote.
  2. The projector OSD will appear. Use the arrows ont he remote to select the Projection Mode. Select the icon pictured here to make the image appear right side up. icon
  3. If the image is cut off, click on the "Menu" button and arrow thru the OSD to find the Aspect Ratio. Select the appropriate view.

Notify InfoTech at extension 254-295-4658 if you are unable to resolve any difficulty.

PLEASE remember to shut down the computer, turn off the projector, and lock the instructor station when you leave the classroom. Thank you!