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Web Services

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Our Web Services group provides training and support for departments as they build out their Internet presence.

For information on how to use the CMS, please feel free to use look at the current CMS training Manual (.pdf) below.
If you have a CMS support question, or need specialized training, please contact us at 254-295-4658 or at

Web Content Liaisons and Editors

Current list of Web Content Liaisons and Editors.

Web Content Liaisons

Each department/area of the website should have a Web Content Liaison designated. Here are the main duties of a Web Content Liaison:

  1. Be familiar with your area's web content
    This will allow you to be able to quickly identify any content that may need updating, improvement, or removal. If that's the case, you'll be able to report those areas either to your Web Content Editor (see "Web Content Editors" below) or directly to Web Services.

    Don't know where to start? E-mail us or give us a call, and we can point you in the right direction to know where your content lives.

  2. Be available for questions from users
    For general questions, you may know the answer yourself. However, if you run into specific or technical questions, Web Services is here to help! You can either e-mail us or give us a call.
  3. Be available for questions from Web Services
    If we have non-technical questions about how to best represent your area online, we'd like to be able to have you as a starting point.

Web Content Editors

Web Content Editors are members of the faculty/staff community who will have access to edit content themselves, by logging in to the Content Management System. There are two reasons that an editor would be identified in your area:

  • If a Liaison would like the ability to edit pages themselves, they can request to be trained as an Editor, or assist Web Services in designating someone else as an editor.
  • If it is recognized that a certain area has a need to edit pages often, or the area's content is time-sensitive, an Editor may be requested, identified, and trained for a given area by Web Services.

Here are the main duties of Web Content Editors:

  1. Be the first point of contact for content changes;
  2. Accomplish simple content additions, updates, and removal.