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Can I borrow a laptop?

InfoTech has laptops available for full-time Faculty/Staff to borrow.   Contact InfoTech at 254-295-4658 to reserve one.

Can I borrow a projector?

Please contact Information Technology at 254-295-4658  for assistance.


CELT is UMHB’s Center for Effectiveness in Learning and Teaching. InfoTech collaborates with CELT to support faculty technology usage on campus. CELT is located in the Townsend Library. Faculty are able to connect with CELT through myCampus at 

Classroom Technology

UMHB offers classroom technology in all campus classrooms. Each classroom instructor station is equipped with a computer with DVD, an audio amplifier, speakers, and a ceiling mounted data projector. The instructor stations are locked. 

CPS - Re-Grade Questions

Select the assessment you would like to re-grade. Click Edit in the Reports group . The CPS Assessment Options window appears. Click the Re-Grade Questions button . The CPS Re-Grade Assessments window appears. Re-Grade Assessments Window The

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eInstruction Classroom Performance System – #25 Print Lessons from CPS and Word

.node292 {font-size: 14px} CPS Quick Step GuidePrint Lesson from CPSCPS lessons need to be printed for use with the There It Is! team activity. Lessons can be printed directly from CPS or they can be exported to a word processing application.

Engage a Challenge Board

During a Challenge Board delivery session, select point values under a category, have a team call them out, or use the random student picker to choose a team to pick a category. Then click on that point value to display a question. As soon as you

Hibernation, Sleep and Power Save Modes

There are multiple modes when it comes to the way your computer runs. This is a quick guide to help you understand the uses and advantages to each one.   Power Save Mode This is a feature of your computer or electronic device designed to

How can I get an official transcript?

window.location.href=""; This page has moved How can I get an official transcript?

How can I get my headphones to work?

The entire problem comes from when the headphones are unplugged and the computer doesn't have a way to output the sound. This causes the "headphone device" to "break" and when you plug headphones back in, it needs to troubleshoot and recognize the

How can I get training on my office phone?

Please contact InfoTech at 254-295-4658 to arrange an appointment for a technician to assist you.

How can I look up when a room is in use?

Log in to myCampus, then locate the Classroom Availability section under the Faculty tab. Click the "Course Facilities Search" link. Enter the desired term and building, click "Retreive Rooms". Now select the room for the drop down and click Search.

How can I make international calls?

Please contact InfoTech at 254-295-4658 for assistance and to see if you have access.

How can I save to a CD or DVD?

If you are trying to save files to a CD or DVD, there are just a few steps involved. Insert the CD or DVD into the disc drive AutoPlay should open the blank disc. If not, travel to "My Computer" and double click it. Allow Windows to format the