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How do I check my voicemail?

You can check your mail through outlook or by Press the Messages button (envelope icon) on the phone and follow the voice instructions. Please Note When you receive a new message, a flashing envelope icon displays on your LCD screen. 

How do I do a screenshot?

There are a few simple yet different ways to take a screenshot. For Windows: Snipping Tool Windows Vista and later computers come pre-equipped with a handy little program called "Snipping Tool." To get started, simply locate this by searching

How do I forward my phone?

Press the CFWDALL (soft key), Dial the number to which you want to forward all calls.

How do I get a new printer?

Faculty and Staff at UMHB have the opportunity to receive a printer from InfoTech for productive use in their offices.  If you currently possess a printer in your office but are having technical difficulties, please look up the Frequently Asked

How do I get the video to work?

Turn on the DVD/VCR combo, insert DVD or VCR and click the source button on the remote.

How do I lock my computer?

You can hold down the Window Key + L to lock the computer OR hold down the CRTL+ALT+Delete keys and select Lock this Computer.

How do I make a long distance call?

Press 1, then dial the number. When prompted enter your access code. 

How do I make the images bigger/smaller?

Right click on the desktop  and click personalize. Click display settings. Change the resolution to accommodate how large or small you want your icons to be.

How do I print on envelopes?

Your printer can work on many different types of paper, but most commonly it can print onto envelopes. Just follow the simple instructions below to learn how you can do this in your own office: Start Printers  Right click on the printer you

How do I transfer a call?

During a call, press Transf (soft key). This puts the call on hold.  >Dial the number or office extension to which you want to transfer the call. >When it rings on the other end, press Transfer again. Or, when the pary

I cannot play a CD/DVD.

Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or not recognized by Windows or other programs, so you cannot play or access a CD or DVD. This issue might have occurred after you installed, uninstalled, or updated a program or the Windows software. Please

I cannot print in the lab.

All computer labs, whether residential or in an education building, have a contact person for any issues regarding the lab's computers or printers. To view the contact information, please go here. Still need assistance? InfoTech can help!

I have a line down the side of my paper.

When experiencing lines on your paper that are not supposed to be there, you can assume that your toner cartridge is faulty and will need to be replaced.   To do this, you can e-mail us at, or contact us by phone at

I have a message stating “low battery”

If you have a laptop and are seeing this notification, please connect your laptop to the charging cable to give it some juice. If you are using a desktop and see a "low battery" prompt while booting your computer up, press F1 to proceed past that