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Can you check my computer/notebook for viruses?

We are able to help  you scan for viruses in some situations. Please contact InfoTech at 254-295-4658 to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.


CELT is UMHB’s Center for Effectiveness in Learning and Teaching. InfoTech collaborates with CELT to support faculty technology usage on campus. CELT is located in the Townsend Library. Faculty are able to connect with CELT through myCampus at 

Copy Center Document Binding

Types of Binding Plastic Comb Binding This type of binding is the most common style used. To bind a document, rectangular holes are punched along the edge. Plastic comb binding books have the ability to open flat for easy copying and can be opened


Fax machines are coordinated through Auxilary Services. If you have questions about or issues with faxing, please contact Auxilary Services at 254-295-4526.

How can I gain access to certain applications?

Your supervisor can request access to specific programs. Please have them contact InfoTech at 254-295-4658 to make the appropriate request.

How can I get training on my office phone?

Please contact InfoTech at 254-295-4658 to arrange an appointment for a technician to assist you.

How do I forward my phone?

Press the CFWDALL (soft key). Dial the number to which you want to forward all calls (include #1 for out-of-area cell phones).

How do I get a new printer?

Faculty and Staff at UMHB have the opportunity to receive a printer from InfoTech for productive use in their offices.  If you currently possess a printer in your office but are having technical difficulties, please look up the Frequently Asked

How do I setup sound for an event?

For any questions regarding Sound, Audio/Visual, or Multimedia setup or support, contact InfoTech at 254-295-4658.

I am unable to make a long distance call, my code is not working.

Please contact InfoTech at Ext 4658 for support.

I cannot play a CD/DVD.

Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or not recognized by Windows or other programs, so you cannot play or access a CD or DVD. This issue might have occurred after you installed, uninstalled, or updated a program or the Windows software. Please

I cannot print in the lab.

All computer labs, whether residential or in an education building, have a contact person for any issues regarding the lab's computers or printers. To view the contact information, please go here. Still need assistance? InfoTech can help!

I have a name change. How do I change my name on all my accounts?

If you have had your name legally changed, you will need to visit the Registrar's Office. They have paperwork to begin the process for your name change on campus. After your paperwork has been created, contact InfoTech at 254-295-4658 to

I need to move my printer

If you are trying to move your desk printer, please feel free to move the equipment around your office as you see fit. Before moving your printer, please remove any paper from the tray, and make sure it is unplugged from both the computer and power

My cell phone is not working in my room.

If your cell phone is not working in your room, the problem is generally a service provider issue. Stop by the office with your phone during regularly scheduled office hours or contact us at 254-295-4658 so we may assist you.