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New Employee Process

Are you a new employee at UMHB? Welcome! We’re glad you’re here.   Here is how the process works for getting you the technology tools you’ll need: Our Human Resources department notifies InfoTech about your projected start date. 

The computers at the SUB or Mayborn are turned off.

For computers in the SUB, please ask Campus Activities to turn them on. For computers in Mayborn, please ask the staff at the front desk to turn them on. 

Web Services

Our Web Services group provides training and support for departments as they build out their Internet presence. For information on how to use the CMS, please feel free to use look at the current CMS training Manual (.pdf) below. If you have a CMS

Who can help me set up a webinar?

A webinar is a seminar you presented over the internet. InfoTech can help you set it up.   You can e-mail us at, or contact us by phone at (254) 295-4658.

Who do I contact if I need to move my office/ computer equipment?

If your office, computer, or any other types of equipment need to be moved, please complete the office move request form found at

Who do I contact if there is a problem with a lab computer or printer?

If you are using a computer in one of our computer labs please contact one of the lab workers. For computers in the Dorm or Apartment lobby area, please contact your Resident Director or Resident Assistant for assistance. For