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Student E-mail (SaderMail) Articles

How to Forward your Sadermail to a Different Email Account

You can forward your Sadermail account to any email of your choice.  When you set up the forwarding, you have the option of Keeping a copy of your Sadermail emails in your sadermail inbox Marking them as read Archiving the Sadermail emails

Integrating Microsoft Outlook and Exchange with Sadermail

Seamless Integration with Outlook Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook allows you to use Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, and 2010 effectively with Google Apps. Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook provides seamless integration with your Google

Sadermail and Google Apps at UMHB FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions What's is Sadermail? Sadermail is UHMB's email service. Sadermail is powered by Google. Gmail provides more than 30 Gigabytes of storage and contains features such as integrated chat and phishing protection. For more

Setting Up Email on your Phone (Students)

Most people will choose to set up email on their phones using IMAP. For detailed instructions on how to configure your device with IMAP, visit Google's help page. Important Note Your username and password are different for POP and IMAP access to