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Cell Phones and Cell Phone Discounts

UMHB supports a limited number of UMHB-purchased cell phones through a contract with AT&T. This contract is managed by UMHB’s Auxiliary Services Department. If you have questions, please contact them at 254-295-4658. Students, faculty, and staff

How do I transfer a call directly to voicemail?

If you are on a call and need to transfer that specific call to voicemail, simply push the Transfer key, then the pound sign( * ), and then the extension of whichever phone number you are tranfserring to. For example, to transfer directly to

UMHB Office Phones

About the Phones UMHB uses Cisco IP Phones across campus, except for the residence halls. About Voicemail UMHB uses Cisco’s Unity Voice Messaging System. Voicemail Passwords Initially, your voicemail password will be your 7-digit UMHB office phone