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Editing your Faculty or Staff Profile

You can now edit your public profile on our Web site through the HR Employee Portal.  This will allow you to change your profile in every area that it is displayed (your college, department, graduate department, and even special pages like

FAQs for Wireless Connections

The following is designed to provide useful tips and information in solving common problems with wireless connections.  I registered my device on the webpage but now it’s asking me to register again. Have you registered your device on both the

How do I connect to the Internet?

If your device has both a WIRED and a WIRELESS connection, you will need to register BOTH connections separately.  You will be asked to register your device the first time you connect to a wired connection AND the first time you connect to a

How to Connect to CruNet as a Guest

The UMHB CruNet wireless network is only minimally secured and is designed for casual usage. Read below to learn how to connect as a Guest.   Select "CruNet" from your list of available wireless networks. 1.  Once connected, you may see

I cannot connect to wifi.

Information for connecting to campus wifi can be found at

Internet Browsers

UMHB computers come pre-installed with three web browsers. Though Internet Explorer is the default browser, Chrome and Firefox are also available. If you cannot find your preferred browser, use the start menu's search bar to find it and launch it.

Online Registration

Students register for classes using myCampus, UMHB’s online resource for registering, checking grades, and accessing course information. If you have questions about registering, please see the Registrar’s web page at

Outlook Web App (OWA)

This article highlights the visual changes to our Outlook Web Application, which can be found here.  Login Appearance change         

Sample Page

The mission of the Doctor of Education program is to create exemplary educational leaders for the P-12 and higher education environments through a Christian framework. [address] Heading 2 - Our Vision This is a sample of italicized text within a

Single Sign-On

Frequently Asked Questions What is Single Sign-On? Single Sign-On allows you to access many UMHB services with one username and password! This means once you log in, you can access myCampus, myCourses, Sadermail and many other UMHB services without

Updating your profile photo in myCourses

This is a brief screencast to demonstrate how to update your profile photo in myCourses. Note: these steps also work to update your photo in Microsoft Outlook. However, changes made today won't be applied in Microsoft Outlook until Sunday. View

Web Services

Our Web Services group provides training and support for departments as they build out their Internet presence. For information on how to use the CMS, please feel free to use look at the current CMS training Manual (.pdf) below. If you have a CMS

Where can I get wireless access?

All residence halls and apartments at UMHB are equipped with wireless connectivity. In addition, wireless connectivity is available in many public and classroom spaces around campus, and we are continually adding coverage. At present, we offer