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How can I get an additional monitor?

Call the Infotech Assistant for a quote. Ext. 4658

How can I get computer speakers?

Computer speakers are available for purchase to faculty and staff for University-owned equipment. Speakers are not sold to students. For purchase, please stop by IT or call for more information at 254-295-4658.

How can I get more memory on my computer?

Please contact InfoTech at 254-295-4658 for assistance.

How can I get my headphones to work?

The entire problem comes from when the headphones are unplugged and the computer doesn't have a way to output the sound. This causes the "headphone device" to "break" and when you plug headphones back in, it needs to troubleshoot and recognize the

How can I get training on my office phone?

Please contact InfoTech at 254-295-4658 to arrange an appointment for a technician to assist you.

How can I print in color?

Before attempting to print in color, you should first ensure that the printer you are using is in fact a color printer. If it is a network printer, it is most likely a laserjet printer, which in most cases is only black and white. If it is

How do I add a printer?

Click Start   Devices and Printers  Add a Printer  Add a Network, Wireless, or Bluetooth Printer > To add a printer connected through a USB port, select "Add a Local Printer"   A list of available printers

How do I change my default printer?

There are just a few quick steps towards changing your settings and preferences of your default printer.  Start Devices and Printers Right click on the printer you want to have set as your default Select "set as default printer" 

How do I change the contrast?

Press the menu button on the monitor and scroll through the display options until you find the contrast option. Call ext. 4658 for further assistance.

How do I change the ink cartridge?

The process of changing out an ink cartridge may vary from printer to printer. Please refer to any instruction manual that came with your printer for instructions on how to change the ink on your particular model. You can also go to your printer's

How do I check for updates?

Your computer should automatically check for Windows Updates based on the internal schedule your computer runs on. To manually check for Windows Updates, Click Start>All Programs>Windows Update.   Click “Check for updates” on the left

How do I clean my monitor?

Get a damp cloth and gently wipe the screen down. You may use windex or other windows cleaners however, make sure not to let any liquid seep into the edges of the monitor. Be extremely careful when doing this.

How do I connect laptop to a docking station?

Make sure you have the appropriate connections and that the laptop is compatible with the docking station. Place the laptop on the station and ensure that all connections are secure. Then turn the station on. Call Infotech at Ext. 4658 for further

How do I forward my phone?

Press the CFWDALL (soft key), Dial the number to which you want to forward all calls.

How do I get a new printer?

Faculty and Staff at UMHB have the opportunity to receive a printer from InfoTech for productive use in their offices.  If you currently possess a printer in your office but are having technical difficulties, please look up the Frequently Asked